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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
9:53 am
yesterday had to be one of the WORST DAYS of my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

IT ALL STARTED when i got my FAVORITE sunglasses stolen. they were really expensive (and hot) too! i looked fucking hot in them.
and thats the least of my problems right now..
BRIAN ZWANG...THE BIGGEST FAGGOT ASSHOLE DICK HEAD EVER...said that he would not give me my yay or my money unless i sold 2 oz of shrooms for him...so i called everyone i knew and even people i didnt really know and begged them to buy shrooms...no one wanted any and i got a lot of maybes and no returned phone calls on those..
so i decided that id borrow money from someone and buy them myself..
so me and hannah decided to meet up with him at 6:15
and he said he'd give me a collateral..his "phone"
so i walk off with his phone and open it..he speeds off and the fucking phone isnt on so i try to turn it on and it breaks in HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 IM GUNNA KILL HIM
SO..me and hannah are half way pulled out of our parking spot trying to chase him and this stupid chinese man hits us!!!!!!!!!!! it was so his fault!!!!!!!!!! and i bumped my head and so did she and it hurt so fucking bad i wanted to cry.
so now i have 150 dollars stolen from this prick and i want it back. hes gunna fuckign be sorry he messed with me at the end of this fucking bull shit.

i hate my life.

but on the bright side...me and hannah are going to ATHENS TOMORROW! AND NOT EVEN BRIAN CAN RUIN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: pissed off

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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
6:14 am
so i just got in a huge fight with my parents.

apparently im a loser..i have loser friends..im gunna drop out of college and become a bum and end up in jail.
their fuckign idiots

so im moving out on my birthday(january 14th..im counting the damn days) when i turn 18. anyone need a roommate? maybe ill move in with kim and jeremy for a while. (what do yall think?? and how much would rent be?) i guess ill be keeping my job since now ill be having to pay for rent, my phone bill, and god knows what else...

fuck them..just fuck em..

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Friday, September 23rd, 2005
6:51 pm
marta stations, swimming without knowing it, getting beat up by big black ladys, falling down stairs and getting all scraped up, many many partys, jeremy swimming naked, us swimming naked, falling face flat on the floor and passing out, waffle house bathrooms, closets, cars, parks, getting comments by everyone and confusing us, getting defensive. weve had some fun times crazy times and some fucked up times, not being able to breathe. bahaha best friends forever till were old and grey!! and have lots and lots of babys. and living together hopefully soon and being teeny and tiny and having lots of teeny tiny time! i love you kimmy best friends FOREVER. i wont let you leave me!! ever.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:14 am
bad news?
i had a dream that my teeth were lose and about to fall out...

i looked up the meaning and it signifies failure or bad news.

great just what i need. more bad news.

Current Mood: scared

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
9:14 am
Her mirror was a window
To her very soul
The fog from the window
Was caused from his breath of cologne
She never felt so alone
No one could see into her eyes
The tear drops; they fell down
And she wore a disguise
A happy face she put on
And out of the window
All you could see were the flowers
You couldn’t tell they had died
She didn’t let anyone in
So no one ever came
She made the garden a secret
And nothing was ever the same

when i wrote that i started to cry. and i dontk now why. shit ic ant stop rhyming now...fuck

Current Mood: artistic

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Monday, August 8th, 2005
2:40 pm
i just got my wisdom teeth out. i look like a chipmunk and im in a lot of pain. :( make me feel better!!! kim bring me icecream! haha i miss you!!

i miss writing. i tried to last night. i dont like them. but its a start. i lost any talent i think i used to have. :( maybe it was never there. all well.

she cries
and no ones there to listen
she cant breathe
but they cant tell that shes suffocating
she needs a little saving
but shes fallen too far
and she just doesnt want to wake up all alone
thats what she gets
for listening to his sweeth nothings that will never really be true
all she wants is someone to believe in
As she falls again
She cries

Wasting tears of fear
not sure if things will have a happy ending
she screams, "is anyone listening.
im not so sure where to go from here"
she sits in her room and cries
as the same song plays again
all alone not sure if she should call
she cries out, "why arnt you here to hear me cry"
she kicks and screams
and then she prays, "tell me this isnt what ive become"

Current Mood: sore

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Thursday, August 4th, 2005
11:09 am
i decided to write in here again. i missed it.

i worked out with a personal trainer today. i miss working out. im going to start going twice a week again and hopefully with this personal trainer. hes awesome we talked a lot and it was good. i really trusted him with a lot of stuff. its a good feeling to be able to trust someone like that. its funny how much my mom told him about me.

hm maybe i just really like assholes. theyre hot. fuck.

"You're a little bit shy
A little too quiet
You're the mixed up girl
That everybody leaves behind
A little bit weird
A little too bright
But you just might be
That little bomb at their side
They'll pull your hair
They'll leave you wide-eyed
But did anbody wonder
What Annie might have in mind"-our lady peace

i kind of like him. hes really cute. but hes probably an asshole so i wont get any hopes up dont worry.

im really nervous about starting college. what if i cant find any of my classes and i get lost and have no friends! i had a dream that that happened last night ahh.

this weekend shall be awesome because it will include kim and marianne and maybe callie if shes not mad at me..and other fun stuff. and hopefully cute boys.

Current Mood: determined

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